The Band

theframes_fieldSome of The Frames have outside musical projects they’ve worked on or are currently involved in. We’ll be listing future tour dates or projects that come up as well as links to where you can find more information about each current band member. Feel free to fill us in on anything you think should belong here that we’ve missed.

Rob Bochnik
Joseph Doyle
Glen Hansard
Graham Hopkins
Colm Mac Con Iomaire

Aside from the band’s current line-up, we also want to note all of the other folks who have been a part of The Frames:

John Carney: bass, vocals (1990–1993)
Noreen O’Donnell: vocals (1990–1996)
Paul Brennan (Binzer): drums, percussion (1990–1998)
Dave Odlum: guitar (1990–2002)
Graham Downey: bass (1993–1996)
Dave Hingerty: drums, percussion (1998–2003)
Johnny Boyle: drums (2003–2008)
Karl Odlum: banjo, keys

Enjoy a little gallery of various band photos over the years that may or may not be found elsewhere on the site.
Photo above by Patrick Glennon.