5 July 2015 // Dublin, IE // Iveagh Gardens

frames_iveagh_ivi2Support: Booka Brass Band
Photo by Ivi Rebova

Main Set:
People Get Ready, Perfect Opening Line, God Bless Mom, Stars are Underground, (Glen said “The Frames are 25” so the audience sing Happy Birthday), Seven Day Mile, Finally (For Johnny Boyle – Glen: “We asked him to play tonight, but he told us to fuck off and I respect him for that” – [Johnny is abroad on holiday]), Rent Day Blues, Pavement Tune, Angel at My Table, Underglass, Fake – Everytime (Britney Spears) – With Or Without You (U2) – Enter Sandman (Metallica), The Dancer**, 15 Seafort Parade**, Masquerade**, Turbit*, Lay Me Down*, What Happens When The Heart Just Stops* – Caravan (Van Morrison) (Booka Brass Band joined), Revelate**** – Where Is My Mind (The Pixies)****, Fitzcarraldo****Encore: None But I, Monument****, Star Star – Hotellounge (dEUS) – The Most Beautiful Widow in Town (Sparklehorse), Heyday*** (Mic Christopher)[Thanks to Courtney and Avril for the setlist.]

Main band: Glen Hansard, Colm Mac Con Iomaire, Joe Doyle, Rob Bochnik, Dave Odlum and Justin Carroll

*Dave Hingerty on drums
**”The Zimmer Frames” Binzer on drums, John Carney on bass, Noreen O’Donnell on backing vocal
***Dave Hingerty, Binzer and Graham Hopkins on drums, John Carney on bass, Noreen O’Donnell on backing vocal, Booka Brass Band
****Joined by Noreen O’Donnell

Full set by Ivi Rebova at her blog
Full set by Gingham Sky Photography
Full set by Fleur Neale at Flickr


Angel at My Table (by Avril Vickery)

The Dancer (by Avril Vickery)

15 Seafort Parade (by Avril Vickery)

Masquerade (by Avril Vickery)

Turbit (by Avril Vickery)

None But I (by Avril Vickery)

Heyday (by Ecaterina Popa)