11 July 2015 // Cork, IE // Live at the Marquee Festival

frames_cork_2015_barlokSupport Acts: Ashley Tubridy and Booka Brass Band
(photo by Miki Barlok Photography)

Main Set: Dream Awake, God Bless Mom (this version is God Bless Cork), Stars are Underground, Perfect Opening Line, Seven Day Mile, Angel at My Table, Headlong (Headlock version! Apparently written about a night in Sir Henry’s when the security guard got him in a headlock which Glen decided to disguise as a romantic song!), Lay Me Down*, What Happens When the Heart Just Stops* – Caravan* (Van Morrison) (Booka Brass Band joined), Finally, Rent Day Blues, The Model (Kraftwerk), Pavement Tune, Underglass, Your Face – Lilac Wine (Jeff Buckley), Revelate**, Where Is My Mind (Pixies) (Glen asked for an audience member to join but security wouldn’t let him on stage), A Caution to the Birds, Fitzcarraldo (Glen introduced this song by saying Cork is where it all changed for The Frames and he dedicated this song to the people of Cork and the memory of The Lobby Bar)

Encore: The Finnish Line by Colm (joined by Justin, Graham & Joe), The Dancer*** (Glen: “The one thing we could always say to record companies was fuck you, we have an audience”), Masquerade***, Before You Go***, Star Star – Hotellounge (dEUS) – The Most Beautiful Widow in Town (Sparklehorse), Monument, Red Chord**, Heyday**** (Mic Christopher) (joined by all members of The Frames past, present and their children as well as the Booka Brass Band and Ashley Tubrety), Devil Town (Daniel Johnson), The Auld Triangle (Brendan Behan) with verses from: Glen, Rob, Joe, Simon Good, Leon O’Neill, Fiacre Gaffney*****, Mic Geraghty

[Thanks to Avril for the setlist.]

Main band: Glen Hansard, Colm Mac Con Iomaire, Joe Doyle, Rob Bochnik, Dave Odlum and Justin Carroll

*Dave Hingerty on drums
**joined by Noreen O’Donnell
***”The Zimmer Frames” Binzer on drums, John Carney on bass, Noreen O’Donnell backing vocal
****Dave Hingerty, Binzer and Graham Hopkins on drums, John Carney on bass, Noreen O’Donnell backing vocal, Booka Brass Band
*****verse of Auld Triangle by Fiacre: “We won’t pay a penny to Enda Kenny, he can shove his metre where the sun don’t shine”

Review in the Irish Examiner

Photos by Fleur Neale at Flickr
Some below by Anne-Kathrin Schröder

Audio: Today FM


Dream Awake (by Myles O’Reilly)

Underglass (by Avril Vickery)

A Caution to the Birds (by Avril Vickery)

Finnish Line (by Avril Vickery)

Masquerade (by Avril Vickery)

Red Chord (by Avril Vickery)

Heyday (by Damian Morrissey)

The Auld Triangle (by Marc Loos)

The Auld Triangle (by carolf30)