29 November 2011 // Dublin, IE // Vicar Street (Mic Christopher Tribute)

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mic_ptgThe Frames and The Mary Janes host a Mic Christopher night at Vicar Street with all proceeds from the gig benefiting the Irish Fragile X Society. In Claire’s words from the announcement:

the frames together with our friends, the mary janes – would like to announce that we will be having a mic christopher night in vicar street on november 29th. its just mad to think that this year will be the 10th anniversary of mics death. we want to mark it. we want to sing his songs. we want to gather together with friends and remember. to be really honest with you, i dont know precisely how it is going to work on the night, but im sure it will all come together in proper order. it will not be a frames gig as such, or a mary janes gig – but both bands will effectively be backing various singers (glen included) who will sing either mic solo songs, or mj’s songs or relevant cover songs, or indeed, anything that springs to mind in connection to our friend… hope that makes sense and is enough of a description to whet your appetite!! all proceeds from this gig are going to be given to the irish fragile x society, so your support will be doubly, triply and more-so appreciated. tickets will go on sale on friday, 7th oct at 9am from ticketmaster ok? tix will be 26 yo yos.


Party Game (The Mary Janes) – Glen and MJs
Sham (The Mary Janes) – Eoin Glackin and MJs
Bored of Their Laughing (The Mary Janes) – Philip Marshall and MJs
Cut Me Loose (The Mary Janes) – Matthew Devereux and MJs
Listen Girl (Mic Christopher) – Matthew Devereux and Glen
I’ve Got Your Back (Mic Christopher) – The Frames and Conall Coleman
Queen of Hearts (The Mary Janes) – Julie Buxton, Claire Nicolson, The Frames and MJs
The Kid on the Mountain (Traditional) – Colm Mac Con Iomaire, Eoin Dillon on Uillean Pipes and Brenda Castles on Concertina
Whelan’s Jig (Traditional) – Colm Mac Con Iomaire, Eoin Dillon on Uillean Pipes and Brenda Castles on Concertina
My Bones (Pete Courtney) – Pete Courtney and MJs
Eoin Dillon
Everything is Going to be Alright (poem) + John The Baptist (John Martyn) – Sonny Condell, Phillip King, Robbie Overson and Colm
Eyelids Into Snow (Scullion) – Sonny Condell, Phillip King, Robbie Overson and Colm
I Need You (The Beatles) – Mark Geary and The Frames, with Mundy and Fiacre on background vocals
This is the Sea (The Waterboys) – Mike Scott and The Frames
Fisherman’s Blues (The Waterboys) – Mike Scott and The Frames
Sleeping Soundly – Ken O’Neill (Hey Day Festival contest winner)
Kids Song (Mic Christopher) – Interference, Paul Tiernan, Mundy, The Frames, Levi + Isaac O’Sullivan and Annie Smith Short
Breaking Out (Interference) – Interference, Paul Tiernan, Mundy and The Frames
Gold (Interference) – Interference, Paul Tiernan and The Frames
Who Knows Where the Time Goes (Sandy Denny) – Miriam Ingram and her son Diolmhain Ingram-Roche and The Frames
What a Curious Notion (Mic Christopher) – Nina Hynes, Miriam Ingram, Alice Jago, Ann Scott Claire Nicolson, Julie Buxton,  The Frames and MJs
Centurian (The Mary Janes) – Claire Nicolson
Hard Station – Paul Brady
Arthur McBride (Traditional) – Paul Brady
Pete Murphy – Faradiddle Poem
Winesong (The Mary Janes) – Mundy, Claire Nicolson, Julie Buxton and MJs
Lyin’ Down (The Mary Janes) – Mundy and MJs
Part of Me (The Mary Janes) – Tony Fitz and MJs
Bones (The Mary Janes) – Aimee Christopher, Glen and MJs
The Story of an Artist (Daniel Johnston) – Jerry Fish with a guy called Graham on guitar
True Friends (Jerry Fish & The Mudbug Club) – Jerry Fish
And The Healing Has Begun (Van Morrison) – Acko, Swanny and The Frames
The One I Love (REM) – Canice Kenealy and The Frames
Friends (The Mary Janes) – Paddy Casey, The Frames and MJs
Heyday (Mic Christopher) – The Coronas and everyone else
Skylarkin’ (Mic Christopher) – The Frames, Matthew Devereux, Phillip Marshall
You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere (Bob Dylan) – The Frames, Matt Devereux, Noreen O’Donnell, Acko, Levi + Isaac O’Sullivan and Annie Smith Short, Someone From Crowd
Forever Young (Bob Dylan) – Liam O Maonlai and everyone else
Wooden Heart (Elvis Presley) – Harry Christopher and The Frames
Suspicious Minds (Elvis Presley) – Harry Christopher and The Frames

[Thanks a million to Marc for his invaluable help assembling the setlist.]

thx Sheila

by Chantel Rosario


Sham (by MrCatstail)

Bored of Their Laughing (by ThreadTheLightUK)

Cut Me Loose (by Lexicurve)

Listen Girl (by ThreadTheLightUK)

I’ve Got Your Back (by nic0blue)

I’ve Got Your Back (by BlackForestJules)

Queen of Hearts (by ThreadTheLightUK)

The Kid on the Mountain – Whelan’s Jig (by ThreadTheLightUK)

My Bones (by Lexicurve)

Everything is Going to be Alright – John the Baptist (by MrCatstail)

Eyelids into Snow (by MrCatstail)

I Need You (by ThreadTheLightUK)

This is the Sea (by ThreadTheLightUK)

This is the Sea (by MrCatstail)

Fisherman’s Blues (by Field Commander Threepwood)

Fisherman’s Blues (by ThreadTheLightUK)

Fisherman’s Blues (by MrCatstail)

Fisherman’s Blues (by starstar24)

Sleeping Soundly (by ThreadTheLightUK)

Kids Song (by ThreadTheLightUK)

Kids Song (by starstar24)

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