Frames 25 Pop Quiz!

The quiz has closed! Thanks to everyone who participated. We had a total of 291 eligible entries and out of those, 99 qualified for the drawing by answering 18 or more questions correctly. Of those, we chose three winners using an online randomizer.

Additionally, we drew three more names from ALL entries for a runner-up prize. We will be contacting you by email today for your address if you are one of the six winners.

We hope you had as much fun taking the quiz as we did making it, despite its difficulty! And perhaps while you were sleuthing through the site you may have relived some fun memories or stumbled upon a few bits you may have missed before. To those of you going to the shows in the coming days, enjoy yourselves! As for the rest of us, we will endeavor to share the news as it comes in. Happy Frames 25!

18+ correct winners:
Clinton Gascoyne
Andrew Payne
Boris Lulinsky

Runners Up:
Laury Emerson
Ankit Dayal
Dave O’Leary

1 – Who of the following Frames was not in Kila?

– Dave Odlum
– Colm Mac Con Iomaire
– Glen Hansard

2 – Former Frames bassist John Carney co-created which Irish television series?

– Blizzard of Odd
– Bachelor’s Walk
– Corp+Anam

3 – Which gig does Colm Mac Con Iomaire claim was The Frames’ first ticketed show?

– Project Arts Centre
– Feile Festival
– Clifton Country Blues Fest

4 – Who produced The Frames’ first single ‘The Dancer’?

– Steve Albini
– Paul Barrett
– Trevor Horn

[This was admittedly a tricky (& band approved) one! You should have been able to figure that Trevor & Steve both came along sometime after The Dancer was recorded, hence leaving just Paul for the answer. You may have also seen Gil Norton listed online, but obviously he was not a choice here. : )]

5 – Which band did Island Records send to tour America in 1992 when The Frames couldn’t go?

– The Cranberries
– Julian Cope
– PJ Harvey

6 – Who of the following Frames was not in The Commitments?

– Graham Downey
– Colm Mac Con Iomaire
– Glen Hansard

7 – ‘Hollocaine’ contains a sample of the audience reaction to which live television performance?

– The Osmonds performing ‘Crazy Horses’
– Michael Jackson’s first TV Moonwalk
– Jackson 5 performing ‘Walk On’

8 – Which band member inspired Glen to write ‘Seven Day Mile’, as mentioned in an interview with Last TV?
– Binzer
– Carney
– Odlum

9 – When was the last time Noreen O’Donnell performed with The Frames?
– 1996
– 2003
– 2011

10 – Which Van Morrison song did Mic Christopher cover at the Val Mez campfire in June 2001?

– And the Healing has Begun
– You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere
– Hungry for Your Love

11 – What song did Mike Scott and Steve Wickham of The Waterboys perform with The Frames at Witnness 2001?
– Whole of the Moon
– Be My Enemy
– Fisherman’s Blues

12 – Which Nirvana song did The Frames cover in Novy Jicin in 2002?

– Smells Like Teen Spirit
– Come As You Are
– Breed

13 – In what kind of business did The Frames record the video for ‘Revelate’?
– Coin Operated Laundry
– Post Office
– Motor Tax Office

14 – Which Pixies song did The Frames and Ash cover at the 2002 Hot Press Awards?

– Where is My Mind?
– Cactus
– Debaser

15 – What band was Johnny Boyle in before he joined The Frames?

– A House
– Picture House
– My Little Fun House

16 – Rob Bochnik joined the band after initially meeting them at what recording studio?
– Electrical Audio
– Electric Lady
– Electric Avenue

17 – In Spring 2004 The Frames played a secret gig at Whelan’s under which fake band name?
– The Honking Seals
– The Piss Bottle Men
– The Arnotts

18 – Which Frames song is about “setting fire to your house and walking away”?
– Before You Go
– Rent Day Blues
– Keepsake

19 – When The Frames played The Hideout in 2004, their opening band was made of members of their touring crew. What did they call themselves?
– Fiacre and the Lads
– The Wheels
– Gerry and the Boys

20 – Which U2 song did The Frames cover in 2005 for a charity album?
– Out of Control
– Heartland
– 40

21 – When Colm had to miss the Spring 2005 US Tour, who filled in for him?

– Rob Bochnik played the violin parts on guitar, and Simon Good played the guitar parts (on guitar)
– Darach Mac Con Iomaire
– Jan Hruby

22 – On Glen’s 37th birthday, the band and crew presented him with what gift in the middle of a show?
– Ukulele
– Lightsaber
– Bow & Arrow

23 – Which band did Graham Hopkins drum in before he joined The Frames?
– Therapy?
– And You Will Know Us By The Trail of the Dead…
– Was (Not Was)

24 – Who played keyboards on The Frames’ 20th Anniversary Tour?
– Justin Carroll
– Karl Odlum
– Thomas Bartlett

25 – At the Whelan’s 25th Anniversary show last summer, which Beastie Boys song did Joe Doyle sing a bit of in the middle of ‘Monument’?

– Hey Ladies
– Sabotage
– Sure Shot