25th anniversary highlights on TodayFM

As part of their Christmas programming, Today FM aired highlights from all 3 of The Frames’ Irish anniversary gigs from the summer. You can listen back to the programme (in 2 parts) and see the running order of songs below. Also, below see a Myles O’Reilly video of “Dream Awake” from Cork. Stellar.


On an administrative note: Did you know this site turned 5 years old this month?! We’re so happy about all the folks who’ve enjoyed it all these years, it’s been nice meeting so many of you.

In the past we’ve endeavored to post news here for every current Frames band member as it arises, but from now on we’ll focus on just Frames news. Band member news can be found at their respective websites. Also, keep an eye on our twitter & facebook pages as those will continue to go on with news about everyone. We WILL continue to log GH gig pages & press and Colm gigs & press.

Thank you and have a wonderful start to the new year!