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Hello Frames fans, thanks for checking out our site! The idea here is to create an archive of material related to The Frames and its various spokes. We’re looking for fans from way back up to recent fans to share photos, videos, set lists, stories, links to press, as well as anything concrete that can be scanned (set lists, gig tickets, posters, flyers, articles, interviews, album reviews…) and emailed. We also post dates and information for solo records or gigs by Glen Hansard & the rest of the guys in the band, The Swell Season & other related projects. Catch us on Twitter or Facebook to keep up with news & new additions to the site. Don’t hesitate to contact us at info [at] orderinthesound [dot] com if you have anything to share!

Our Story

Order In The Sound was inspired by The Frames’ 2010 Anniversary Tour. When we heard the guys were coming back as The Frames after being gone so long, it was important for us to see at least a couple of shows together. This would be an anniversary tour for us as well since we had met 15 years earlier through a different band, which we spent a week following around the mid-Atlantic. Being busy with families and jobs and living 500 miles apart meant more planning than the old days, but it was SO WORTH IT.

We were thrilled to be able to see the gigs in Philly and DC along with old friends and new ones we made along the way. The performances naturally left us wanting more, so we continued to follow the rest of the tour online and through reports from friends lucky enough to see the rest of the stateside shows. Thankfully, there is a wealth of fan documentation of this tour and as our email inboxes filled up as we shared these goodies, we realized other fans might enjoy easy access to it as well. So this site was created for fans who want to relive a particular performance, or people who may not have been able to attend any of the shows this time around. Or if you’re just an obsessive fan who needs to watch every version of Hollocaine ever recorded, this is the place for you!

Because The Frames are heralded for their spectacular live performances, our hope is to grow this site by adding whatever we can find from previous tours/festival dates, as well as whatever shows the future may hold.

We want to thank every single person who took the time and effort to record and share these performances; Courtney for introducing their music to us; Ally for capturing the beauty on film; Lissie for saving setlists from the void; Sara Phillips for sharing pieces of her great collection; everyone we’ve gone to shows with; our families for supporting us through each new crazy adventure; the guys at Jenn’s place of business for being awesome; Donal Scannell from scanarama for his documentation brilliance; Brendan Rice at irishmusiccentral.com for being a mindblowing resource of information; Donal Hunt for rocking the official Frames site; Dave Donovan for spreading the love; and of course Rob Bochnik, Joseph Doyle, Glen Hansard, Graham Hopkins, Colm Mac Con Iomaire, Karl Odlum, Simon Good, Cherie Breaux, Claire Leadbitter and everyone else on the Frames Crew for being lovely people and for bringing the rock. Also, we have to thank the Internet for existing and YouTube for being invented and our parents for having us in the early 70′s so that we are the perfect age to appreciate this very specific moment in history where a band we love can play halfway around the world and we can watch a video from it within hours of the concert being over. Finally, we want to thank YOU, for visiting the site and sending us clarifications and adding your experiences. If you guys hadn’t been keeping track of this stuff for the last twenty years there would be nothing for us to share. Here’s to another 20!

Jenn + Shannon

If your footage is included here and you wish it not to be, please email us at info@orderinthesound.com and we will remove it immediately. We have attributed all content appropriately where possible. Alternatively, if you have some kick-ass videos or photos that we didn’t dig up during our extensive internet excavations, let us know! Finally, being a couple of American fans only going back to 2004, there could be some historical inaccuracies and possibly some misspellings of Irish and European towns and venues. Please drop us an email to correct any glaring errors.

This site was launched on 21 December 2010.
The revamp launched on 28 January 2013.