24 December 2013 // Dublin, IE // Christmas Eve Busk

For the fifth year Glen busks in Grafton Street to raise money for homeless charities Peter McVerry Trust and Simon Community. He is joined at various times throughout the evening by Bono, Matthew Devereux, Escuchando Elefantes, Eoin Glackin, Gavin Glass, Ciarán Kilbride, Mundy, Liam O’Maonlai, Damien Rice, and many more local musicians pitching in as well.

Setlist: I’ve Got Your Back (Mic Christopher), Here Comes Your Man (Pixies), Fisherman’s Blues (x2) (The Waterboys), No Woman, No Cry (Bob Marley), For the People (Liam O’Maoinlai), Titanium (David Guetta), Into the Mystic (Van Morrison), You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere (Bob Dylan), Heyday (Mic Christopher), This Land is Your Land (Woody Guthrie), On My Way to Heaven (The Waterboys), Like a Rolling Stone (Bob Dylan), Revelate (The Frames), The Weight (The Band), So Long, Marianne (Leonard Cohen), Hungry Heart (Bruce Springsteen), The One I Love (REM), Volcano (Damien Rice), Breakaway (Art Garfunkel), Teenage Kicks (Undertones), Butterfly (The Pale), Sí Do Mhaimeo (Traditional), Bean Phaidin (Traditional), Hot Asphalt (Traditional), Waiting in Vain (Bob Marley), Kids Song (Mic Christopher), No Man’s Land aka Green Fields of France (Eric Bogle), Do Bhi Bean Uasal / There Was a Noblewoman (Traditional), Merry Christmas Everybody (Slade), O Come All Ye Faithful (Traditional), The Auld Triangle (Traditional), Silent Night (Gruber/Mohr)

[Thanks to Ciarán for the setlist.]

Photos: Daily Mail, Demotix


Medley (by Stephen Mogerley)

Medley (by Alex AV)

Medley (by Fabio Di Terlizzi)

Medley (by Tassia Pereira)

I’ve Got Your Back (by journal.ie)

Fisherman’s Blues (by Mara Ceclilio)

No Woman, No Cry (by Dusty Van Amerongen)

For the People (by Dusty Van Amerongen)

Titanium (by Dusty Van Amerongen)

Heyday (by Paul Mc Donnell)

This Land is Your Land (by Turkued)

On My Way to Heaven (by Turkued)

Like a Rolling Stone (by Turkued)

Revelate (by Turkued)

The Weight (by Turkued)

So Long, Marianne (by Brendan Smith)

Hungry Heart (by bossaddict)

The One I Love (by Turkued)

Volcano (by eeveecakes)

Fisherman’s Blues (by eeveecakes)

No Man’s Land (by Turkued)

Hot Asphalt (by Mr Catstail)

Waiting in Vain (by bossaddict)

Do Bhi Bean Uasal / There Was a Noblewoman (by dubliner)

Merry Christmas Everybody (by Fabio De Terlizzi)

Merry Christmas Everybody – O Come All Ye Faithful (by Katia Moreno)

The Auld Triangle (by Turkued)

Silent Night (by Turkued)